Clarity Capital


A Global Independent

Asset Management Company

Clarity's decade-and-half track record, as well as team and boards consisting of industry luminaries, provide exclusive access to high-level seed-to-late stage corporate VC quality deals that private investors can’t access.


Clarity Capital provides comprehensive wealth management solutions for a worldwide clientele of high net worth individuals, families, endowments, foundations and institutions, with offices in Tel Aviv and New York. 

Founded in 2006, Clarity Capital offers boutique-level service and is uniquely positioned to grow the wealth of clients by achieving superior risk-adjusted returns. Clarity Capital is guided by the following principles: 


The service is personal and is based on trust, collaboration and mutual respect. 


Open communication and sharing of information between the client and Clarity and within the organization is at the foundation of all our interactions and is key to constant improvement. 

Client and Clarity interests must be structurally aligned. We strive to eliminate any potential conflict of interest with our clients. 


Global Team 

The Clarity Capital team brings together prominent financial industry figures and seasoned professionals that leverage their extensive investment knowledge, innovative thinking and global networks on behalf of our clients. Our Investment Committee consists of senior investment professionals with vast experience managing multi-billion-dollar portfolios. 


Mission and Strategy 

Clarity protects client assets for current and future generations and maximizes long-term portfolio performance in accordance with client investment horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, income needs and tax circumstances. 

Clarity advises on the overall wealth of the client and manages customized portfolios. Clarity's offering includes consolidation of assets, asset allocation, manager and asset selection and monitoring, evaluation of direct investment opportunities, and management of relationships with external manager and banking institutions. 

Experience shows that active, professional, and independent wealth management can result in dramatic differences in family wealth over time. 




Clarity Capital is licensed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for purposes related to ClarityTech.

Clarity Capital Wealth Management is licensed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Israel Securities Authority, the Quebec Autorite des Marches Financiers and the Ontario Securities Commission in Canada.